by Of Virtue

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released December 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Of Virtue Lansing, Michigan

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Track Name: The Human Condition
No faith, no faith, I lost it all
In a bet I made
With the devil himself,
God was the dealer.
That's what you get when you gamble with hell.
I'm all in

When he's not out
Drinking the night away
Or under the sheets
With another dame, keeping him warm and safe
He's praying to god
That tomorrow might bring a prettier world
Without his name
Without his face.

He's lifts the glass one last time
To suppress the grief
The regret, the guilt and the shame.
Anything to quiet the violent screams of his sins
Hanging over his head
Keeping him from sleep.
And he knows damn well
That cold steel between his teeth
Will not end a god damn thing.

No hope, no strength
But just enough heart
To lift that last drink.
Said my prayers and goodbyes,
Counted my blessings
God take me tonight.

All those times he fell so hard
Mother dried the tears.
Father gave him a hand said,
"Son, blood ain't nothin' to fear."
Fear yourself.

Not god.

Well now he's all alone
A drunken old fool
Your washed up son,
With nothing left to prove
Nothing left to lose
Just anger and rage bottled up inside.

Nothing left of this broken down man
Besides a couple broken records and...
A familiar reflection.

Welcome to the human condition
Where enough is never enough.
So keeping fucking our heads
And our livers and hearts and weak women
Until we are under the dirt.

All I see is red and grey.
The shadows of my demons
Tracing every step I take.

In july, 1990 a cretin was born
Who’s only purpose in life
Was to show the world
How ugly he was
And the meaning of self disgust.

Yes I am a piece of shit

And I’ll never be proud of it
Track Name: Within Ourselves (Lies the Brightest Flame)
I am not myself anymore. I haven't been myself in quite some time and who I was is not someone who Ill sure Ill find.
That is just a chance that I will have to take.
Goodbye old friend.
Weve seen this hell, known this sorrow, we called it home. It is all we know.
I am on my own and I am scared to death to know different.
Its been a long time coming.
I am on my own.