To Breathe Again

by Of Virtue

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released December 19, 2009



all rights reserved


Of Virtue Lansing, Michigan

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Track Name: ...Is Moving On
Is this what you wanted? Then you can have it. Moving on is a struggle within itself. Is this what you wanted, Then you can have it. Take it all away, take everything. You can have it.
Track Name: The Greatest Height
Our hearts are stronger than lions.
Our hearts are greater than oceans.
We could all die today and nothing would change
Lets make a difference.
Today is the day. Along with our fears, I strive to overcome.
We are no longer the rats we used to be
As they feed, I will fall away.
I will be a part of this disease
From my knees, from my knees.
We will march, We will rise.
We will march to the greatest of our extents.
We will rise to the greatest of our heights.
And there we will meet to claim our victory

And we are not a part of this disease
From your knees, get off your knees.
We will defeat the odds
We will march, we will rise.
Track Name: The Feat of Man
I am torn between dreams and the feat of man.
I want more than ever to follow through with all my aspirations.
If not for them I would be a hollow man.
All of a sudden, I have a heart made of something more than flesh
and its yearning for so much more than this.
Where is my heart in this?
Where is my ambition?
Where is my heart in this?
There are some days when I feel like I am right where I am meant to be.
There are other days that seem to just stab me right in the back
as if I am the theif.
I will no longer be a victim to untried dreams.
Among this vast battleground filled with bloodstained bayonets,
armed with steady rifles and crosshaired bullets
How is a man with hopes and dreams, calloused hands and splinted knees,
push against this wind?
Push against this doubt?
Is this all for nothing? Am I just waking from my dreams once again?
This is the feat of man.
So they say there is a time in every man's life when he must learn to let go.
Now is not that time.
I never a hollow man again.
Track Name: Through Solace
If I went through what you have, I would be in worse shape.
You give me the strength, you give me the hope to carry on.
Pick me up from my knees.
My heart goes out to you. Tonight you will be in my prayers.
As sure as the hope in our hearts.
O' Brother, the eyes of angels, they see the tears that we have shed.
They see the ones we lost. Pick up your head and move forward.
We have been here before.
And we stared into the eyes of woe, we stared into the eyes of pain.
That life goes on, life goes on.
The sorrow of yesterday is staring at our backs.
(As we stare into the sunrise)
Track Name: Built On Lies
Track Name: Blood On My Hands
We went through hell together and came back
with our feet blistered and calloused.
I have forgiven you.
You tried so hard.
You tried too hard to make my life a fairy tale until we stopped pretending.
What will it take to put this to an end?
There is still a hope that someday,
we will look back on all the mistakes that we made.
Even through all of our suffering, I still find solace in knowing.
I gave you my best when I had nothing left.
We said goodbye to open fields and blue skies.
We walked straight into an endless storm with tears already in our eyes.
We trudged through swamps fill with snakes masked in men's flesh
and they are thirsty for regret.
without a true man's heart, without a true man's love.
You are not to blame
I am not to blame
Who's to blame?
I could not stop you even if I tried.
i could not save you
Just remember I'd still die for you.
Tooth for a tooth, I'd still die for you.
Bridges fallen, bridges built
No bridge at all.
Those first ten years, they are all washed away.
They are all washed away.
And who's to blame?